Planet Blue is a well-established integrated engineering company,serving the marine, offshore, industrial & oil & gas industries globally. The company has served as a multifunctional platform – providing innovative and cost-effective solutions to meet clients’ complex engineering, design and operational needs. A combination of experience, know-how, and customer focus has served as the building blocks for the company to maintain quality, consistency and deliver optimum results.

For over a decade, the company has been managing complex engineering projects and building strong relationships within a dynamic market environment. This experience and due-diligence, has enabled the company to define its areas of expertise while maintaining the flexibility to respond to its clients’ ever–changing business objectives. Managed and supported by a team of experienced, qualified and dedicated industry professionals who are trained to meet with day-to-day challenges functioning 24×7.

A satisfying and accomplished journey – the company is proud to have achieved its first of many milestones – honorably serving the industry for over10 years. A memorable passage that required exceptional management and leadership – preempting industry dynamics, effective risk management, cost control, diversification, innovation and creativity.

A thought processes – key to navigating the company through some of the most trying times in global economics. A decade later; the company is proud to be on a solid foundation and earned its identity – as a trusted and reliable support partner with some of the largest names within respective industry segments.


Planet Blue Marine


United Arab Emirates


Integrated engineering company

Your Strategic Support Partner


To grow within an organic and structured business environment. Maintain at all times, a customer-focused leadership. Keep with understanding customer need, design the experience, empower frontline metrics that matter, client feedback and continues improvement. Deliver excellence and earn customer trust.

To be an integral member of the maritime support community on a global platform while maintaining the highest industry standards in quality, ethics and responsible business management.

Ever since its inception in the year 2006, Planet Blue has been honorably serving the marine industry. It has been a memorable and safe passage guided by capable management and leadership, effective risk management, cost control measures, strategic diversification and continuous innovation. All of which have played a major role in navigating the company through some of the most trying times in global economics. Today, over a decade later, the company has earned its reputation as a trusted and reliable support partner with some of the most respected names within respective industry segments.

In today’s competitive environment, quality is highly valued and customers
demand the highest level of performance and products to ensure safe and reliable operations. Planet Blue is committed to creating an environment of consistent performance that meets with or exceeds these expectations – right from the proposal stage, to project execution and completion.