AL NOKHBA GROUP was established in 2000 with the aspiration of becoming a leading group in UAE that caters to the needs of clients in different industries such as trading, real estate and construction, as well as freight and logistics. We are firmly committed to adding value to the strategic and economic objectives and the future development of our companies by catering needs of our valuable clients.

AL NOKHBA GROUP prides itself on its commitment to adapt to ever changing conditions and its insight in evolving new business opportunities. Our booming businesses have led us to envisage advanced and ambitious plans for the future. We plan to expand dramatically in the coming years supported by our pillars, the Al Nokhba Group team, our financial strength and the power of our dreams.

We have a network of branches conveniently located in various parts of the country i.e. Ras Al Khaima, Dubai & Abu Dhabi. A strong and trained group of marketing employees is supported by a highly skilled, experienced, and professional, technical team, guided by our core values:

  • Commitment & Teamwork
  • Honesty, Integrity & Humility
  • Open & Candid Environment
  • Service To Nation
  • Customer Focus
  • Recognition Growth & Respect For Individual
  • Encourage Innovation & Initiative



United Arab Emirates


Trading, real estate and construction, as well as freight and logistics


After Providing the Solution in Different Industries

The prime strategy of Al NOKHBA GROUP is growing by acquisition of trust from the industry end user, hence focused on repeated customer. It is planned to deliver a satisfied product and services the way it was designed and intended to operate by appropriate integration with all other industry players. In return, it will place itself in the wider market as an icon.

Al NOKHBA GROUP foresees an unlimited growth from unlimited potential as any other business that takes things seriously. Profit was aimed via recognition from the industry end user. In timely manner, reputation developed constructively together with its human capital will always be the back bone of the business.

  • Experts Consultant
  • Promise Superior Service and Support, and Maintaining
  • Suitable Service From Our Experts Consultant
  • Training For Business Objectives
  • We are Improving Day by Day
  • Delivery of High Quality and Prompt Services
  • We Are Providing Best Consultations